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Parthenon In Ruins
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23rd-May-2012 11:13 pm - [3] Wallpaper: GTOP
GTOP infinity

This post is dedicated to a very talented girl. Believe, she's more than just a great writer, she's an artist! Happy birthday, blushingtabi! (Sarah, I am so ashamed, I know I'm too late, but I couldn't find any inspiration... Definitely I'm not good at this D: - but I hope you like my attempt to wish you a Happy Birthday!).

Happy birthday!Collapse )
22nd-Apr-2012 01:04 pm - [1] GD&TOP - SBS Kpop Star (Fan Rip)

SBS Kpop StarCollapse )

Probably the girl was too nervous. In my opinion lacked energy on her performance. But she has a great voice, and to hear them together is better than watch the performance.

SBS You And ICollapse )

The band gives so much energy to their performances, the songs are alive and I can see how they are enjoying the music. Fantastic, baby!

I've been a Big Bang fan for years by now. Being an international fan (I’m from Brazil) I always read eagerly fanaccounts from other fans, asking myself when would be my turn. And happily this happened finally, since I attended the “YG Family Concert 2012”, in Japan. I will tell about that...

Due to the events in the last year I was really afraid about the future of the group. I have to confess that I had some dark thoughts and all I wanted was to see them, at least once. As every VIP my dream was to attend the BIGSHOW, but I was unsure about its date or even if we would have a BIGSHOW this year. So, when I knew about the “YG Family Concert 2012” I thought that this would be a great opportunity to see them. And I had a friend there, an official Blackjack fan, who could buy the tickets for me. (She’s from Brazil and we already had met in my country).

YG Family 2012Collapse )
24th-Dec-2011 09:33 pm - [♥] Merry Christmas!

I want to wish a dreamy Christmas to everybody. With lots of fun and food.

Be careful, stay with your beloved ones, and have a merry little Christmas.
8th-Nov-2011 07:44 pm - [4] Wallpaper: Big Bang
Probably everybody already forgot about me. The reason why I'm not making wallpapers anymore is because I think I don't know how to make beautiful wallpapers or lets say that I just lost my inspiration.

Well, anyway, I made 4 new wallpapers and I want to dedicate them to my friends, jemnise, jiyonglikesme, 0ddie13, fullofwishes and tiopcito, who have birthday in October. I love you, girls. ♥


Happy birthday!Collapse )
TOP sleeping

Noona would love spend her all day posting amazing graphics to celebrate your birthday, baby. But I want to give you a great gift and I have to vote for you, the five of you. So, forgive me this time.

I hope that you have a precious day with your beloved bandmates. You’re with your friends and this makes me really happy.

Happy birthday!

Comeback Stage SBS InkigayoCollapse )

Tablo is one of my favourite Korean artists and I was really excited when I knew about his comeback and his new album solo. He seemed a little nervous during the interview on SBS Inkigayo, but his performances were really amazing.

We could feel the force of his songs, the sense of sadness and angst (in my opinion this album is really sad and certainly it reflects what he went through last year). Tae Yang and Jinsil voices fit perfectly with the songs. "Bad" is my favourite until now, but I was pleasantly surprised with "Tomorrow". It's a melancholic song, but not depressing, I like his power.

BIGSHOW 2011 (Fan Rip)Collapse )

In my opinion this is one of the most important Big Bang's concerts, since they made their comeback trough this show, what is very revolutionary in the Korean music industry. I really love their energy here and I think that the official CD didn't make justice to the boys with only 16 tracks.

So I ripped the entire DVD and, voilá, now we can have the 27 songs from the official DVD (unfortunately some will be missing, but something is something). Enjoy!
26th-Aug-2011 12:09 am - [1] Big Bang - The North Face CF
Artist: Big Bang
Title: The North Face CF
  1. The North Face
Date: 25/08/2011
Bitrate: 320kbps
Download: Megaupload
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